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By farmathand

Never accuse us farmers of being afraid to use new technology.

We all want to avoid sitting at a desktop whenever we can and the plethora of apps and other tools out there really help us to do so. Here are our top picks of apps to help you run your operations from a tractor, your kitchen table or else where.

Weather App(s)

The number one app every farmer should have is a weather app – or to be more precise, weather apps! There plenty to choose from but Climate (available on iOS and Android) seems to be the most popular among farmers.


Now If you’re looking for a fun weather app, give Authentic Weather App a try. We don’t advise you to rely on it for growing season but it will surely bring a smile to your face. Or maybe a frown depending on the day. Available on iOS and Android (Warning: coarse language involved.)



This app will help you identify which pesky weeds have invaded your fields during scouting, available on iOS and Android.

Farm At Hand

Because papers get lost all the time. Our farm management and decision making program will help you keep track of your field activities (seeding, spraying, etc.), equipment, inventories and more. Available both on iOS and Android. Yes, we did build Farm At Hand but if over 20,000 farmers use this app we must be doing something right, no? 🙂



Looking for a used equipment or parts from your area? Try scrolling through Kijiji’s car and vehicles, heavy equipment section. Available on Android and iOS.

Commodity/Market App(s)

Looking for market reports and the latest commodity prices? RealAgriculture (yes, you read that right) has developed a free app for farmers to track over 50 different commodities and see the latest trading patterns.

Also try FarmLead , an online/mobile grain marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to negotiate directly with one another.


This app is a virtual coffee shop for farmers to and ranchers to ask questions, share information and photos, and grow connections with others in the ag industry. Available on iOS.


Tune in on what other farmers are saying or simply follow Ag publications for the latest news in the industry! Make sure you chime in on #Farm365 and #AgChat discussions and post a #felfie of your #plant15! Available on iOS and Android.

PS: share your Farm At Hand screenshot with us and we’ll send you some swag to keep you powered up during this growing season!


Instagram has many filters to make pictures look better. But most farmers know we don’t really need those filters, do we? The pics that we take during #plant15 look just as good (if not better) with #nofilter. Available on iOS and Android.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s share our stories! (In case you missed it, we round up top 15 instagrammers all farmers should follow here.)


Growing season means long hours out in the fields and away from your loved ones. Perch is a video solution that can help you stay connected with your family during this busy time.

Although it is originally developed for office workers, you can use Perch to see what’s going on in your kitchen or farm office, and talk to your family members and hired men if you see them around – all while you’re sitting on a tractor. Check out the demo video below. Available on iOS


Keep all the articles, video or pretty much anything from your favourite Ag publications, news channels, YouTube, Twitter and more in Pocket so you can view it later. If it’s in Pocket, it’s on your phone, tablet or computer. You don’t even need an Internet connection. Available on iOS and Android.


What’s your must-have apps? Share them with us on Twitter @FarmAtHand and we’ll add them here.

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