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By farmathand

Any farm manager knows keeping farming records accurately can be time-consuming.

Our co-founder Kim Keller was faced with this exact problem when she had to keep track of all the farm records on the family farm. We built the Farm At Hand farm app to solve this exact problem. We made sure it allowed for real-time collaboration among the farm owner, all family members, hired men and employees to easily create and update farm records, with or without cellular reception. Kim’s family is happy and you should be too!

A farm app to work across the entire farm

Anyone who has ever farmed knows farming is not a one-person job. You have family members, employees, contractors, consultants and many others working hard to ensure your farm operations run smoothly. Your farm app needs to provide you with a solution for record keeping and real-time collaboration.

The Farm At Hand multi-user feature allows you to add up to five additional users on your farm account. Each user can have different access levels and you control what information you want to share. For example, you can add your brother as a family member and give him access to everything – Fields, Equipment, Storage, Contracts, Deliveries and Calendar. Alternatively, add your bookkeeper to your account and limit her access to only Contracts and Deliveries.

Collaborate without cell reception

Only our iOS farm app for the iPhone and iPad supports offline functionality at this time. Android is coming! This means you can still access and update your farm records without cell phone or internet access. When you are finally connected, your data will be automatically synced to the cloud and be available on your other computers or Apple devices.

How to add multiple users to your Farm At Hand account

Ready to keep better farm records? Let’s start by adding users to your Farm At Hand account. You just need the email they registered with Farm At Hand. If they don’t have a Farm At Hand account already (tsk-tsk), they can sign up here here (Psstt: It takes less than 1 minute!)

There are multiple categories and level of permissions in user management:

  • Owner – As an owner, this user will have access to all your data.
  • Family – As a family member, this user can have access to any of the following: Field management (field records), Storage, Equipment, Deliveries, Contacts and Calendar.
  • Employee – As an employee, this user can have access to any of the following: Field management (field records), Storage, Equipment, Deliveries, Contacts and Calendar

Steps to add a new user to your Farm At Hand account:

  • Once you have the email address, login to
  • On the top right hand side, you will see your name beside a Welcome sign. Click on it
  • Select Farm Setting
  • Click Add User
  • Enter an email of the user you want to add to your account
  • Select a role from one of the following: Owner, Family or Employee
  • Select the permission level
  • Click Update
  • Voila! The user now has access to your account. He or she will be notified via email.

Adding users is a great way to have everyone on your team on the same page, regardless of physical location or cellular coverage. Our multiple user feature allows your team to enter and update records as they happen and you won’t have to chase anyone down to get this information. Even better, you can now throw away all notebooks and start to develop a central repository of your farm data. And don’t worry, your data is yours.

Happy Farming!

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