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How To Optimize FAH Use For Planting

You’re in the midst of planting season – you have papers all over your office, you can’t remember what your hired help has completed, and things are getting STRESSFUL. Sound familiar? Let’s change that. Enter… Read More

New iOS release is available (and inventory auto-update enabled)

Good news! You can now auto-adjust your inventory level from your iOS app. All you have to do is attach a bin or a grain bag to your Delivery ticket and voila! Remember that you will… Read More

Introducing: Delivery and Storage Integration

You ask, we deliver! Farmers are always at the centre of our operations at Farm At Hand. This is why when you asked for a feature, we take it seriously. Many of you asked for an… Read More

Free Isn’t Just for Farmers Anymore

Sign up for early access Farmers, have you ever been out in the field, at the auction, or even finally taking that weekend at the lake, and your advisor (agronomist, agrologist, etc) needs to know… Read More

Easy Access To Your Planting And Commodity Status

Today we changed things up a little! We put your Farm At Hand dashboard to work for you. There is certain information that you need at a glance; now we put that front and center on… Read More