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2016 Harvest Sampling Program

Understanding your grain’s quality is important when it comes to marketing. Depending on end-user requests, your local buyer might have some wiggle room to pay above grade. The many diverse end uses for different crops domestically… Read More

With Dryness Alleviated, Attention Turns to Quality

The early part of this growing season on the Prairies carried a lot of concern about dryness through a large portion of Saskatchewan, Alberta and parts of Manitoba. However, widespread rain over the past… Read More

Safe Grain Handling Tips

We know the dangers of augers and PTOs. But we also need to be prepared for drowning in dry grain, or dust fires. Grain farming has its share of potentially deadly hazards. There are some obvious… Read More

How Hedging Can Help When Margins Are Tight

This is a guest post by Jonathon Driedger, Senior Analyst – FarmLink Marketing Solutions. How Hedging can help when margins are tight, and considerations for getting started As we look ahead to the 2016… Read More

2016 Acreage Estimates, And How To Use Them In Farm Marketing Planning

This is a guest post from FarmLink Marketing Solutions. In the course of analyzing the medium and long-term outlook for the various crops that we market for farmers in western Canada, the analysts at… Read More