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By farmathand

We’ve have received many questions around what a “free” farm management app exactly means. The app is free because we feel farmers should have access to the best technologies and data to improve their farm operations, regardless of their farm size, types, or cash-flow. That, and we also feel agriculture is a pretty amazing industry and the world would benefit from more productive and efficient farms and farmers. We digress.

We’re learning, however, that “free” means different things to different people. So, we thought it was a great time to set the record straight. Here it goes…

Just because Farm At Hand is free, it doesn’t mean

  1. …it isn’t robust enough or sophisticated enough for your farm. Farm At Hand is a complete, end-to-end farm management platform. Don’t take our word for it, check it out on your Apple iPhone and iPad or Android phone or tablet or computer.

  2. …there is a catch. We never sell or share your data. You are always in charge of the data you enter to our program, and you are able to choose whom to share your data with. The decisions will always be in your hands. We don’t compromise on privacy. Your data is yours!

  3. …we don’t hold ourselves to the same standard as other paid farm management software. We strongly believe Farm At Hand helps to level the playing field for all farmers, leveraging the use of data to give farmers the power to make better decisions.

  4. …we’ll stop iterating, stop providing users new functionality and the best possible experience. We are always looking to make the product better, to better serve you. We want to hear how we can help you be more successful in the field.

  5. …you are unable to collaborate with your farm team. Farm At Hand works across your entire farm and helps to facilitate communications for all the relationships involved in running your operation.

  6. …it’s available only some of the time or only when you have cell phone reception. Farm At Hand is available whenever and wherever you need it – with or without cell phone service.

  7. …you’ll have limited access to program. You’ll have full access to Farm At Hand, covering all aspects of your farming operation — all field activities, bin yards and storage, contracts, deliveries, equipment management — and now accounting via our Kashoo integration [link].

  8. …you’ll be bombarded with advertisements. We don’t put banner ads that interrupt your work flow. We do, however, share perks and partnership that benefit you.

  9. …you won’t get help, be provided timely and friendly customer support or your customer support requests will be outsourced to an off-shore agency where the agents know little about the business of farming. Anastasia, in our Vancouver office, is ready to field your questions and help you get up and running.

  10. …we’ll start charging you for this. The package currently in existence will always be free. But, how you ask? We are backed by a great group of investors who believe in the vision and purpose of Farm At Hand. We are also developing out paid software to facilitate all your industry relationships running as efficiently as your farming operation.

Ready to give it a try? Sign up now, or download the iOS or Android app!

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