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Make managing your farm easier by keeping everything at your fingertips with simply designed, easy-to-use software. Access the information you need and collaborate with your partners on-the-go.

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Track your farm information

  • Track your fields and farm activities
  • Manage your storage, equipment, and maintenance
  • Access grain marketing insights and control your sales and delivery contracts

Put your farm information to work.

  • Strategically plan your crop year in advance
  • Manage your sales position to capitalize on market trends
  • Easily know your cost of production and impacts to your bottom line
  • Have an easier way to manage your crop production and field profits
  • Make confident on-the-go decisions and collaborate with your team

Spend your time where it's most valuable

Make it easier to bring your expertise to your customer's smartphone

What Customers Are Saying...

Love this app more every day. Information at my fingertips. No more fumbling for records. #onthecloud

Michael Wipf

Viking, Alberta

Farm At Hand has helped me to organize and keep track of the vast lineup of equipment we now have.

Lance Walker

Borden, Saskatchewan

Farm At Hand has helped me to organize and keep track of all fields and field activities. This is handy especially when you farm with other people.

Scott Perkin

Elgin, Manitoba

Farm At hand helps me keep track of everything that goes on in a day. With several hired men, it’s beneficial to have a centralized place where all information is stored and easily accessed.

Ginelle Pidwerbesky

Borden, Saskatchewan

I use Farm At Hand to keep track of different varieties and chemicals, and it really helped when doing crop insurance. Its an excellent tool to have on the farm.

Laramie Eyben

Vermilion, Alberta