Farm Management from seed to sale. Absolutely Free.
Farm Management from
seed to sale. Absolutely Free.
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Do any of these sound familiar? Realizing at the parts counter that you don’t have the serial number or part number you need. That mystery bin of wheat the following harvest and have no idea which field it came from. 10 different notebooks at the end of the growing season, impossible to read or make sense of. These are just a few examples of small things that can add up to huge time and money costs for your operation. Farm At Hand provides the solution that will allow you to know exactly what is happening on your farm from anywhere at anytime. You will have access to information and open lines of communication when you need it the most to make the most informed decisions possible – saving you time and money.

Why Free?

As arable land continues to decline and global population continues to rise, there is increased pressure on farmers to be more productive and efficient in everything they do. A well-run and efficient farm doesn’t benefit just the farmer but everyone they help feed. By offering Farm At Hand for free to the farmer, we hope to do our part in helping farms become more efficient.

Taking farm management
from the notebook to the cloud


Available as an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad tablet, or at, compatible with any computer and smartphone device. Have the access to review and update information at any time, from anywhere.

Secure Data Storage

All information is kept private and password protected, accessible only by the registered user or users. Access across any device is done so over a safe and secure connection to ensure privacy.

Multiple Users

Farm At Hand allows multiple users and multiple devices to update, track and access your farming operation – with the access you choose. The message center keeps conversations with all users in one place.

Application Features

Field/Activity Management

Keep a detailed and current list of fields, while also updating and tracking production activities such as seeding, spraying, harvest and general observations, as well as many other activities.


Add activities and alerts while also having a day by day overview of the farming operation.

Conversion Calculator

A useful conversion tool built right into this app designed specifically for farm use. Conversions for commodities from bushels to tonnes and vice versa are available, as well as other frequently used conversions.


Enter deliveries and link up to any contract that has been entered. Deliveries are then deducted from the selected commodity contract, as well as bin or grain bag.


Enter, track, and update all commodity contracts.

Commodity Status

At a glance know what commodity and amount is in storage, under contract and available to market.

Equipment Management

A complete equipment list, keeping track from the equipment to its parts, plus a maintenance log that can be updated, scheduled and reviewed at any time.


Track yields by entering weights as they come off every field. Yields in real time.


The Virtual Bin Yard. This function keeps track of all commodities in storage. Information such as: bin name, capacity, contents, sample information, date harvested and field identity is quickly available to review and update.

The Company

Kim Keller Co-Founder |

Kim is a 3rd generation Saskatchewan farmer. She lives on her phone; when it died on the farm one day she was forced to use pen and paper - the world ended, but Farm At Hand was born. She can be found crop checking, talking farm and texting.

Himanshu Singh Co-Founder |

Himanshu has made it his mission to become an honorary farmer. He was shocked to find the lack of mobile tech for Ag and has since been applying non traditional business strategies to the Ag Industry. After his first ride in the combine, he traded in his pocket squares for work boots.

Chris Roth CTO |

Chris was running kitchen science experiments before he learned to talk. He was creating web apps before Google existed. Now with a variety of software engineering experiences, he harvests code by night and eradicates bugs by day.
Gregory Tandiono | Developer | Designer

Gregory Tandiono Front-End Developer |

Greg is a pixel pusher whom has turned into a front-end node dev equipped with irrelevant degrees (music & journalism) and baggage full of unfinished dreams. He has an addiction for stout and hates the excessive use of 'like' & 'literally' in a conversation.

Max Lin UX & UI Developer |

Max was running commercial film production before he embraced the digital world. He is creative at heart and yearns for new approaches to solve problems. He is addicted to puzzles, legos, drawing, baking, and adventures.

Adam Horacek iOS Developer |

Adam is an iOS guru. He doesn't look at coding as work but as an all day long party. When he's not coding he's exploring deep mysteries of the universe(s). And he always knows where his towel is!

You? Android Developer

We're looking for an Android Developer, someone laid-back, calm, cool and have a passion of writing Java.

What Others are Saying

" Here's the best farm app yet that records everything from seed to sale..." K.M.

" I'm very new to this "app" age... but am very excited about this app!"

" To the team at Farm At Hand, as mentioned on Twitter, I love this tool!" R.K.

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